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Welcome to Fitness Thor formerly Cavalletta Mart ! We are an online fitness & sports equipment store with extensive experience in the world of sports and general body fitness. Our online store has been evolving and transforming each day to what it is today, a space where sports & fitness equipment and people meet to lead a more sporting and healthy life.

Over time, we have been creating a series of values in which we have believed and that conditions the way in which our entire chain works up to you – passion, learning, progress and dedication among others.

At Fitness Thor, we always offer our customers the best products at the most reasonable price. For this, we make sure to provide the highest quality brands, at the right time and with a full guarantee on them.  We select both the latest technology products to meet the needs of our most technical customers and products of the latest trends to satisfy equally all who desire to wear the latest in sportswear.

Our purpose as a company is that our customers have a unique experience in each of their purchases and to achieve this, we have specialized and qualified teams in each of our departments that are responsible for both the products and our services which are always available.

Furthermore, the Fitness Thor team is always in constant learning. We know that adapting to the demands of the client is important and to innovate and recycle is an exercise that we do every day. Our business model is based on measurable progress and development, as we rethink old solutions and implement new ideas in order to improve our internal processes and make everything work better. Also, we know that the most important thing is always you. We believe that each client is unique and we dedicate the most time and effort to find what you are in search of and for the products to arrive in the best condition and within the shortest possible time. We dedicate our time to attend and meet the needs of our customers with the best service.

If you are passionate about sports and fashion and you are one of those who combine both, Fitness Thor is your best bet. Discover here the main collections of sports & fitness brands, all represented by essential sports & fitness equipment, amongst all other accessories you can imagine.

Actually, there are many more merits of shopping with us which would be better experienced than highlighted here. As a result, it’s best to be a part of our community by making a purchase from our catalog of excellent sports & fitness equipments and enjoy a unique shopping experience with all the advantages that we offer to you.

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