Resistance bands allow you to get a full-body workout without any weights. They are inexpensive, easy to store and perfect for exercising while travelling. Resistance bands are simple to use and are extremely effective at working out your muscles. They are available in different colors and sizes. Each size and color typically correlates with a certain resistance level. So, you can choose which band to use based on your ability and the exercise you’re doing. You can use a resistance band wherever you want be at office, park or at the comfort of your house.

There are many reasons why you need a resistance band. And in today’s blog we will be discussing few of them:

GIVES YOU A COST EFFECTIVE WORKOUT: Whether you buy them individually or as a set, resistance bands are inexpensive compared to other home gym equipments.

EXERCISES YOUR WHOLE BODY: Many resistance band kits comes with suggested exercises for nearly every major muscle group in your body.

GREAT FOR STRETCHING: These stretchy bands are a fantastic addition to your stretching routine, especially if you lack flexibility and mobility. A resistance band enables you to increase the range of motion and deepen the stretch as you gently move the band either away or towards your body.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: These bands are the perfect companion to those wanting to exercise when travelling. They are extremely lightweight and can be easily stashed in your suitcase or hand luggage.

CAN COMBINE WITH OTHER EXERCISE EQUIPMENTS: While resistance bands work great on their own, they can also be combined with other exercise equipments. Performing bicep curls with both a resistance band and dumbbell will give you the combined benefits of each type of equipment.

EXERCISE WHEREVER YOU GO: Since they are so small and portable, resistance bands are a great way to take your workout with you when you travel. They are many resistance bands exercises that can easily be done in the small space of a hotel room.

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