Yes, cycling is considered to be one of the best exercises for losing weight. These days losing weight has become a challenge and many of us have tried a lot of things like weight reduction pills, dieting, cutting down on carbs and almost everything but still no results. And most of us don’t have time to hit the gym.  So what next??? If you love to travel and explore new places then you can give cycling a shot. All you need is a bicycle, gloves, cycling shorts, jersey, helmet, pair of shoes, glasses and you are all set.

Cycling not only gets your heart rate up but also burns a significant number of calories. It helps in reducing all kinds of fat from thigh fat, belly fat to hip fat. It also exercises the muscle groups in the legs like quadriceps, hamstring and calves. Along with losing weight cycling also helps your heart and lungs as they get  a solid workout which is excellent for improving your cardiovascular system. Try to cycle at least for an hour or two daily covering 30-50kms. You can choose a small hill and ride up the hill and then back down. Hill climbs on a high gear will also help burn a good amount of fat.

Don’t just depend on cycling, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. Eat lots of fibrous foods which are rich in vitamins, drink plenty of water as its helps to detoxify the body, do not starve yourself, exercise daily and sleep well. If you follow these things you will see the magic.

So keep cycling and stay healthy peeps.

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