Have you ever thought that there is nothing left now and it’s time to give up??? I’m sure many of us have felt that way at some point or the other. The reason behind that is no matter how hard we try, we keep getting obstacles in our lives, but rather than giving up we should learn how to overcome these obstacles and keep moving forward.

Running can feel like the most natural thing in the world, until you give up and find that not running is much easier. Don’t take a hasty decision by thinking that running is not for you. Many people who have given up on running feel that it has been their worst decision ever, because when you are running you have a healthy balanced lifestyle, you stay energetic and fit.  The moment you quit running all these are gone. So never give up on running

Whenever you feel like giving up on running, always remember these few tips that will help you not to give up on running:

1. Ensure that you join a running club: If you join a running club you are more likely to have lots of running friends. Hence, you have fewer chances to give up on the sport.

2. Try to make running fun: If you enjoy running then you won’t want to give it up. Try to enroll yourself into some upcoming marathon events. Join a group of running friends that will make you running enjoyable.

3. Take it easy for a while, instead of giving up altogether: If you are running too fast, slow down. If you are bored with running too slow, then join some interval sessions or enter a race.

4. Take a break from running for a while: If you are thinking of giving up on running just because you are too exhausted. In that case, just take a week or two away from running and enjoy your time off at home or go out on a holiday with your friends/family.

5. Just go back to the life before you started running: If you started running to lose weight and become healthy, then giving up on running may lead you to go back to your old lifestyle again. So you must always think the pros and cons before giving up on anything.

So, if you are a runner hope you will continue to run, stay fit and will maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. All the best and keep running folks…!!!

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