Are you passionate about yoga? If the answer is yes, then here are few things to focus on in your practice in order to gain better clarity. The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means ”to unite”. A male who practices yoga is known as “Yogi” and a female who practices yoga is known as “Yogini”. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that was originated in India and is now being accepted all around the globe.

The main purpose of yoga is to build awareness, strength and harmony in both the mind and body. Yoga has both physical and mental benefits. So here are few benefits of performing yoga on a daily basis:

1. Refines your flexibility: During your first class you will not be able to touch your toes but after attending more yoga sessions and with more practice you will master the art.  All your aches and pains will soon start to disappear.Hence, will make your body more flexible.

2. Makes your bone health better: Many postures in yoga like boat pose(Navasana), Locust pose(Salabhasana), chair pose(Utkatasana) requires lifting your own weight. And some other poses like the downward and the upward facing dog helps strengthen arm bones which are prone to osteoporotic fractures. Thus,Yoga postures makes your bone health better.

3. Helps to increase your blood flow: The relaxation exercises you learn in yoga can help you to increase your blood circulation especially in your hands and feet. And other inverted poses like handstand, headstand and shoulder stand encourages the blood from the legs and pelvis to flow back to the heart. Yoga boosts up the level of hemoglobin. Hence, decreases the rate of heart attacks.

4. Soothes anxiety: If you are suffering from anxiety then the best way to get rid of it is to start practicing yoga for atleast twice a week. This will help you to lower down your anxiety level. Hence, women who practice yoga regularly have less signs of PTSD(Post-traumatic stress disorder) and less anxiety.

5. Helps in improving the sleep quality: If you are someone who suffers from insomnia, anxiety, depression then you should start practicing yoga as this will help you to promote better sleep. People who practice yoga tend to sleep faster at night and they feel more well-rested when they wake up the next morning.

If we continue talking about yoga and their benefits it’s a never ending topic. Thus, decided to share only a few important pointers with you guys. I’m sure by now you all are aware of the benefits of yoga and how important it is to practice yoga on a regular basis. So keep practicing yoga and keep learning new postures. Stay fit and healthy.

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